Sunday, 2 February 2014

What happened to the Himalayan dog? 

The ending to this story... 

  02.02.14 | © Sebastian Wahlhuetter

The original photo of this dog. Date taken: Sep 13 2013
f11 | 1/10s | ISO 100 | Canon 5D MK iii | 24-70 ii @24

Hi everybody, 

this is Sebastian Wahlhuetter the photographer of the Himalayan dog image. You can find the ending to this story now on my blog:

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  1. I love this Story. And this picture: Awesome!

  2. The story behind the shot is exactly what I hoped it would be. He belongs to the mountains. As it should be.

  3. It's great that we get to see his/her face at the end of the story! :)

  4. I'm so glad that thw the story had an happy ending the photo is gorgeous and you should be proud of your work well done. XX

  5. What an excellent story! And the dog obviously is highly independent and in control of his own destiny. I hope as he ages he is able to find shelter with someone in the village. Your photos are wonderful! And (smile) I'm glad to see your logo clearly and very elegantly displayed on each one!

  6. Beautiful pictures of mans best friend.

  7. Have you been hearing stories about this wonderful angel recently, Sebastian? I'm pretty sure you have made contacts with the residents in the village and other trekkers who had the same encounter with the dog (I name him "Abhi").. uhm.. I'm really .. ah, I don't the word. ^_^ But I really hope Abhi's not having a very difficult time living in the place, I mean people not shooing him away or what not.. Anyways, thank you so much for setting this blog up for us.

  8. I have a questions... Do you have any information where he lives, where he gets hes food? if theres no human around? Is he all alone?? is he okay or maybe something happened to him? :( I want to know the story of him, living happily there.. where he is free and contented... :( all i want to know is that - he is okay.

  9. I am now a fan of your's Sir! that story can be a perfect reflection in this era.
    specially this line of your's "do you really think this dog looks like that he would like to live in an apartment in the very center of a national-capital?" , that made me enlightened :) thanks again for this amazing shot :D

  10. thanks for the great writings and photos.

    you've been wondering the content written in japanese there i see.
    you gave us the great story and shots, i'm glad to return the favor, even if just the tiniest one.

    the translation will be,

    - ↑ (referring to the above photo) "I need to go home" (the cloud of thoughts picturize him being adored by a family he belonged to)

    - The place named Himalaya is a place where the dog(s) will become your spiritual guide for some good unknown reason. It was the same when I was there, he follows me and he will definitely walk in the front and stops whenever he encounters the brittle rocks to ensure my safety.

  11. Such a wonderful story, and of course... a stunning photo.

  12. Lovely pictures, great story.........

  13. Beautiful story that brought tears to my eyes. I wish you would have received more recognition for your work but at least you have the joy inside knowing that your work touched many people.

  14. The Reddit poster did attribute the picture to you properly, with links and everything, a mere click away from the title of the post.

  15. Its so beautiful image. I really want read this story. Thanks for sharing.
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